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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance for my mobility scooter ?

Although you are not legally required to have insurance for driving your scooter on the road, it would be an advisable precaution to take out an insurance policy to cover your mobility scooter against accidental damage, theft and third party liability. This would cover you in the event of damage or injury to someone else or their property. The financial consequences of such an incident can sometimes be substantial and you could be held liable for legal claims and costs made against you.

Is there any guarantee with the products you sell?

All our new scooters come with a full 12-month guarantee against faulty manufacture or materials, backed by the manufacturers themselves. All our used mobility scooters come with a 6 month warranty. Our rise and recline chairs all come with a full manufacturers warranty covering mechanical breakdown of between 2 and 5 years. Please ask in store for details.

Can I return the product if I am not satisfied with it?

If you are not completely satisfied with your choice of scooter within the first seven days of your purchase we will exchange it.

Am I eligible for VAT relief on my scooter?

Under current VAT laws tax relief is provided for people who are chronically ill or disabled. This means that VAT will not be charged on certain goods.

Do I qualify?

You can only qualify for VAT relief on mobility scooters if you are chronically sick or disabled. You are classed chronically sick or disabled if:

We are happy to offer you advice in general, however, we recommend you consult us for specific advice in your case.

Do I need Road Fund License for my scooter ?

Mobility scooters are currently divided into three main categories or classifications.

Classification 1

These are Manual wheelchairs, i.e. self-propelled or attendant propelled, not electrically propelled. These wheelchairs are not required to be registered with DVLA and therefore do not require Road Fund License.

Classification 2

Covers powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters – which are intended for foot way/pavement use with a maximum speed of 4mph and an unladen weight not exceeding 113.4kgs. These are not required to be registered with DVLA and therefore do not require Road Fund License.

Classification 3

Covers mechanically propelled invalid carriages that are constructed or adapted to be capable of exceeding a speed of 4mph but incapable of exceeding a speed of 8mph on the level under its own power. Such scooters are for both road and pavement use. They must also be fitted with a device capable of limiting the maximum speed to 4mph for use when travelling on foot ways/pavements. The unladen weight must not exceed 150kgs. These scooters are required to be registered with DVLA and display a nil duty tax disc.

We can advise you on which classification your chosen mobility scooter fits into when you buy from us and for further information refer to the DVLA website.
DVLA Website Page

Are scooters difficult to maintain?

Scooters require very little maintenance. There are some key steps you should take in order to keep your scooter in optimum condition and prolong its life. -Keep the battery charged

How long will batteries last?

There are many things that can affect the total life of your mobility scooter’s batteries. For example, temperature (extremes, hot or cold), how often they are charged and discharged, if they are left without being used for some time etc. All our scooters are fitted with high quality batteries to help give you the best performance possible.

How often does my scooter need servicing?

Wear and tear will always determine how often a scooter should be serviced. The more use your scooter gets, the greater the need for servicing. Simple maintenance procedures will ensure trouble free use. However, we strongly recommend you have your scooter serviced every 12 months and we will contact you 2 weeks prior to your scooter’s first anniversary to arrange an appointment with one of our engineers to service your scooter in the convenience of your own home.

I have a scooter that I no longer need, do you buy second hand scooters?

MSL Mobility Centre Ltd are always on the look out for good quality used scooters. Please contact us for a free valuation.